• Are you looking for new ways to:

    • Use voice to construct narrative?
    • Collect stories as part of an advocacy campaign? 
    • Demonstrate your impact to your funders?
    • Use stories for internal program research and evaluation?
    Memria helps NGOs and nonprofit organizations tap into insights from large groups of individuals.
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    Our platform & services can help you request, collect, analyze and synthesize first-person, narrative accounts on a scale otherwise impossible to manage manually.


  • Scale your outreach. Understand the impact.

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    Our analysis tools - powered by machine learning technologies - help you look for common trends, geographies, and keywords across all of your stories. Then, publish those stories to your Memria project page, Facebook, Twitter, or link to them directly from other content.

    Drawing on approaches such as Participatory Narrative Inquiry, sense-making, Most Significant Change, and oral history methodologies, Memria can help you construct a meta narrative from the aggregate collection of stories.


    Meta narratives pull in the audio clips, text and images directly from stories submitted to your project on the platform.

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    With a click of a button, get the most impactful and powerful stories out to your community, social networks, and beyond.