How can stories be used to engage people in the history of their communities?



  • Libraries and Historical Societies have always been key repositories of local history and collective memory. New technologies can enable these institutions to engage community members to become part of living archives.


    Imagine the potential of recording and sharing these voices.


    With Memria, you can send out a call for stories across to your community and collect hundreds or even thousands of audio recorded or written stories with the click of a button.


  • Whether for community oral history projects, special collections, or inviting community members to tell their stories, Memria helps libraries and historical societies collect, archive, share, and make accessible collections of individual stories.


    Our platform & services can help you request, collect, analyze and synthesize first-person, narrative accounts on a scale otherwise impossible to manage manually.


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  • Our analysis tools - powered by machine learning technologies - help you look for common trends, geographies, and keywords across all of your stories.

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    Once you’ve found the gems among all of the stories you’ve collected, you can share those stories on your website, through Facebook or Twitter, or link to them directly from other content such as library newsletters and fundraising campaign emails.


    With a click of a button, get the most impactful and powerful stories out to your community, social networks, and beyond.