• As a corporation or investor, how can you:

      • Gain perspective from deep within your supply chain with more nuance than is provided by traditional compliance audits?
      • Understand your company’s impact on local communities?
      • Find innovative approaches to stakeholder engagement?
      • Conduct due diligence on an investment or project using qualitative data?
      • Leverage the power of story and tap into voices from your supply chain, communities, and other key stakeholder groups.
      Our platform & services can help you request, collect, analyze and synthesize first-person, narrative accounts on a scale otherwise impossible to manage manually.


    • Scale your outreach. Understand your impact.

      Our analysis tools - powered by machine learning technologies - help you look for common trends, geographies, and keywords across all of your stories. Then, publish those stories to your Memria project page, Facebook, Twitter, or link to them directly from other content.

      Construct a meta narrative.

      Memria’s sense-making tools can help you construct a meta narrative analysis or report from the aggregate collection of stories.


      Meta narratives can pull in the audio clips, text and images directly from stories submitted to your project.